Le Loti at La Reserve Geneva

In 2021, Michel Reybier, mastermind behind the La Reserve properties, wished to reinvent Le Loti at La Réserve Genève in order to tell another story. The new Restaurant and Bar area has been totally redesigned to create a single universe, which extends onto the terrace and blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

The decor conjures up a fabled ‘elsewhere’, a blend of distant influences joyfully intertwined by lauded French architect and designer Jacques Garcia. In this dreamlike travel journal, blue, beige and ochre create a soft and luminous atmosphere that continues outside. Everywhere, the mysterious jungle atmosphere dotted with ferns and exotic flowers invades the premises, under the attentive gaze of the legendary parrots.

An insatiable traveler, the concept for the menu at Le Loti has been driven by Reybier’s keen curiosity about other cultures. The result is an eclectic new menu featuring top-notch culinary specialties from around the world. For both lunch and dinner, the menu has plenty to suit everyone – a real feat given that everything is home-made and prepared to order, based on uncompromising produce sourcing.

The overarching themes are absolute freshness and a focus on local origins, with exclusively Swiss meats and priority given to regional vegetables.

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