“I wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for accompanying La Réserve Hotels over the past almost 9 years! You’ve been a key part of our success in the UK and we are very, very grateful for that. Merci Theresa for your amazing support”

Nathaniel Most, VP Sales & Marketing – Michel Reybier Hospitality

Theresa Feeney & Highlife are wonderful resources for our agents – we rely on marketing reps to have discerning taste and to know their properties inside and out.  We truly value Theresa’s expertise and knowledge, and know that our clients are in safe hands at any of her hotels!


Kathy Boate, CEO & Luxury Travel Advisor – Cartology

It’s no wonder Theresa and her team are celebrating over 20 successful years of Highlife Marketing. They manage to balance the needs of the trade with those of their client with their friendly yet commercial and professional approach. They offer proactive insights and creative solutions in helping match us and our clients with the perfect properties.”


Kate Little, Product Manager – Original Travel

“Theresa Feeney is a great professional and an unlimited source of experience in the industry. Her history with Palazzo Avino goes back to the roots when we opened in 1997. Over the years she has ensured a consistent presence in one of our major markets providing constant support in implementing long-term winning strategies. She is not only a sales representative for us but more an extended part of the team with an insight vision on the market.”


Mariella Avino, Managing Director – Palazzo Avino

“I have been working with Theresa for over 30 years.  She is the only representation company who’s word I will take on a property I have not seen myself.  She has exceptional taste.  In my opinion, Highlife Marketing is the best representation in the UK, even during COVID I was given regular updates.  They respond immediately with any queries I have about their properties and are always providing extensive information and sending out special offers.  I know Theresa only represents the best and there is a reason she is particular about who she works with.  No exceptions are made.  Her hotels are highly regarded by everyone in the trade and we are always excited to receive a call from Theresa to say she has a new property to show us! Thank you, Theresa. You remain one of our industries true professionals.”


Amanda Teale, Managing Director – Minerva Private Travel & Lifestyle Management Ltd

“We have benefitted from the help and advice of Highlife Marketing since our inception in 2002. Highlife marketing have that rare mix of a real understanding of the products they represent and the target markets of the companies selling and distributing in the UK. This combination is further enhanced by outstanding training and a strategic knowledge of UK customers, trends and forecasts. We never turn down an appointment with Highlife Marketing. Theresa and her team deliver on every level on every occasion; we just wish that every representation company had the same passion and energy as Highlife Marketing.”


James Bell, Marketing Director and Co-Founder – The Turquoise Holiday Company