Gundari, Folegandros

Gundari is a luxury resort surrounded by 80 acres of spectacular, raw nature on the secluded island of Folegandros. Set up high on rugged hills overlooking the Aegean Sea, Gundari has been designed to inspire and invigorate with wellness, gastronomy and sustainability at its heart.

The enchanting island of Folegandros is just 32 square kilometres in size with a population of approximately 700 people, over 200 churches and 18 beaches. There is a direct ferry from Mykonos (4 hours) but easier access from Santorini (50 minutes by public boat) and Athens (3.5 hours).

As a member of the Earth Check Programme, Gundari’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond simply preserving the natural beauty of Folegandros. Suites and villas are built with bioclimatic materials, energy will be renewable and there’s a target for zero waste.

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